I have an eye for visual storytelling and a sincere love for people.  And I feel grumpy (still do actually) about how many websites showcased beautiful, young, perfect people as their market.  Not that I am AGAINST that market — but I also LIKE that every single person is different. Every single person LOOKS different.  Big, Small, Tall, Thin, Dark, Light, Happy, Intense, Curious, Bored, Gay, Straight, Not Sure, Spiritual, Indifferent… I love it ALL.


So what I developed as these two things: visual storytelling and love for people mashed together is imagery that is unique and showcases who each person IS.  


I don’t have a set recipe for how that works.  Photography is about YOU and my job is to interpret that.


Your brand, your life, your family, your friends — all reflect who YOU are.  I tell the YOU story.


Not the Pinterest story.

Not the Perfectly Styled story.


We all have our own quirks and weirdness and energy.  And when all that energy mixes together in pairs or groups magic fills the experience.  I love when you forget I’m there and RELAX and Hi! There YOU are. That’s what I do. I see THAT.  


I know that finding someone to interpret YOU is a crazy ride so let me help break it down.  If you’re wondering if we might be a good fit – here’s what I know about you…

You are:


  1. Thoughtful.   You don’t just do it because you should or someone tells you it has to be this way.  You think about things and decide what works for you – even if that means you wear a t-shirt and crocs to a formal event.  Typically you’re off the “everyone else does this” path and people sometimes are baffled by you and your ideas.
  2. Playful.   You laugh a lot.  You don’t take things too seriously.  You see the humor in almost everything.  People around you tend to lighten up and get happier when you’re around.
  3. Colorful.  You’re not a neutral person.  You like interjecting color in everything — your clothes, your house, your office, your friends, your conversations.  You like quirky quite a bit.
  4. Afraid.  Yep. I meant that.  You know that doing things differently involves taking a leap of faith.  You are nervous. And yet, there you are doing it ANYWAY.


There is so much power in creating joy together.   Text me (and yes. TEXT me. I suck at phone calls.  #realtalk).


My work has been published in The New York Times, PDN Magazine, The Democrat and Chronicle,American Photo Magazine, Rochester Magazine, WellWed, Mann’s Jewelers Magazine and online, Martha Stewart Online, Brides.com, Ruffled Blog, Green Wedding Shoes, Grey Likes Weddings, Party Slate, The Modern Jewish Wedding, WellWed Online, LensProToGo,  The Sweetest Occasion, Emme Style, Equally Wed, The Mighty, Rangefinder Magazine Online, and I got bored looking after 10 pages on google.

Client List includes in part:  Keuka College, The Spa at Delmonte, Manns Jewelers, Rock Paper Scissors Salon, Lululemon Ambassadors, Kin Event Space, Stacy K Floral, M/Body The Cub Room, Kitchen Verde, The Wilder Room, and more.

I was the first female photographer who won Best of Rochester in 2013 — I was nominated several other years.

My own magazine called Happy can be found here and here.