It’s August and it’s Bliss!

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July is over and we’ve decided August is all about BLISS!  July was amazing with so many new and bold adventures but now that August has arrived, I’m ready to change gears.  When I think about August, it’s the hammock napping, sunset watching, and lake swimming days that spring to mind.  (What about that isn’t full of bliss?!)  August is the last true month of summer….and I’m ready to make the most of it!

For me, bliss is about happiness (and we all know I LOVE being happy!)  Bliss comes from the things that delight you….the things that make you truly content.  August seems to make us a little more thoughtful – a little more nostalgic – as the summer comes to a close.  I’ve spent much of my life following my bliss (um…photographing amazing people for a living?!) and I can’t BELIEVE how wonderful it’s been!  I want you to slow down, sit back, and enjoy this final, bliss-filled summer month.

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