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Jill and Andy.  Yeah.  Look at them.  You wouldn’t imagine that Andy wasn’t really “feelin” the photograph session, would you?  I’m so proud of that!  I tell everyone that the first few minutes of every session will (if you will excuse the expression) suck.  It’s awkward.  It’s scary.  there’s a big black camera in your face.   Talk about intimidating!  But eventually, it all fades away and it becomes fun.  And I live for that.

Jill and Andy are getting married next year.  Unfortunately for ME — I was already booked for their wedding date.   ::sniff::  But a really great photographer is photographing their wedding — so I still got to play by doing their engagement session.  I should also mention that Jill and Andy are BEST FRIENDS with one of my brides who will be on the blog later — so we already had a chance to interact at Beth and Marc’s wedding.  And they are as terrific and nice as they look.  Our session was plagued with drama — security guards!  yelling!  wind!  holes in the road!  drama!  ::laughing::  But we all brought our A game and didn’t let anything bother us — and the images are STUNNING.  Well.  Here.  You decide…

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