Good Golly Ms. Holly! | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

All the stars aligned.

Bells Rang.

People started clapping.

Yeah.  It was THAT session today with Holly and Doug.  They found each other — and thank goodness they found me — I often say — I fall in love with each one of my couples for good reason — my couples and clients get me, my style and are willing to just go with whatever we come up with during their session and on their wedding day.  It’s what makes their images uniquely THEM and I work hard to capture personality and emotion.

I NAILED it with Holly and Doug.  We laughed and giggled and I won’t even TELL you some of the things that happened because…well…you just had to be there.  (okay.  let me just say:  changing clothes…museum…and the words “I’m not shy” were spoken.  yep. )

Wait until you see the Save the Date I have in my head.  But we have to wait to finish it — because it has a part two — which won’t happen until February 22 – but just….wait.


Here’s your sneak peek Holly and Doug!!  Thanks for trusting me today!


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