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So yeah.  I don’t really get a chance to hang out in Buffalo very often — I worked there for a couple of years in downtown – AND I went to UB for a bit too — but I had forgotten how completely cool downtown is visually.  Stunning.

I got a chance this weekend to hang out there with Brooke and David — two of the sweetest people I know.  They were so much fun to photograph!  Brooke found me on the internet and they live in Brooklyn — so this was officially the first time we met in person.  Brooke and David met while they were in college at UB – and are getting married here in June – so we all met up to do some super fun and cool engagement pics.

I love me some cool engagement pics!!

We started off downtown.  Weather = PERFECT.

I love this photo so much.  Neither one of them realized I was taking photographs at the time.  What?  Sneaky?  Oh yeah.  I like when I’m invisible.  🙂


Brooke said she fit very naturally into Dave — and I totally agree.  When they are together you just feel the synergy of how they fit together…


At UB Brooke and Dave met while she worked at the Radio Station and he worked at the TV Station both on campus.  So we traveled “back in time” to the place that their relationship began.  And the fun part was– while were were there — one of the DJ’s poked his head in and went — hey — is this YOU in this picture?  And sure enough — a whole pile of pics had mysteriously appeared featuring Dave and Brooke.  How cool is THAT?!

I love this picture.  I love the look on Brooke’s face.  And OMG people — this girl had the most AMAZING skin EVER.  BEAUTIFULNESS!!!!


Brooke and Dave — here’s your sneak peek.  I can’t wait to share the rest and share your wedding day with you!

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  1. Thanks Tammy! The pictures are so amazing, we can’t wait to see all of them! Thanks for spending the day with us, and next time I’ll bring you a pie.

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