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So.  First let me show you:

Tammy Swales Cars Engagement Photographer Rochester NY


Then let me TELL you:

Jillian and Kevin are getting married in October.  In Hilton Head, SC.  Think that’s going to be amazing?!  yeah.  me too.  ::grin::

Kevin recently opened this super cool performance and repair shop called The Little Speed Shop — and it was the COOLEST location to shoot in…let’s see…I had a BMW…a Maserati…a workshop…yeah.  I was TOTALLY feelin’ it!  So we played.  And played.  And then the sun set in this amazing burst of color…

I felt like I was in a movie.  Right?

And it lends itself to the conversation about sessions.  Jillian and Kevin had a strong point of view from which they wanted the session to go — and that was unbelievably fun!  The more thought you put into a session (with me, fo course, never alone!) — the more personal it becomes.  It really is about you.  About what’s important to you.  And if the MOST important thing is that you are TOGETHER — then we’ll just wander around and find cool spots to shoot in.  That’s equally as fun too.  Just bring cool clothes.  And a Maserati.

I’m kidding about the Maserati.  I just like typing Maserati.  It’s even more fun to say…  (you know you just said it in your mind.  bonus if you said it outloud!)

Yeah.  It’s alllll good!


xo T

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