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I LOVE this time of year.  You know that green that says Spring is finally here?  Not the green of summer – but Spring.  That delicate frosty green ALWAYS makes me feel like a new year is starting — even more than January.  The air smells different…the birds are in my backyard being all peepy and the windows are open — too cold or not!  ::laughing::

It makes me want to blog — I’ve been working and working and working and realized that I’m posting a lot of recent work on facebook — but the blog is getting a little sparse of recent cool work.  Some stuff I have to wait to share, some stuff I can’t share (yet) and some stuff I haven’t — so…I have a rich opportunity here!

One of my favorite things is to be plopped down into a location that I’ve never been before and forced to “figure it out”.  Kim and Matt gave me this opportunity by taking me out into the middle of god knows where — Apulia anyone?  — where we saw a YAK (I swear).  I was totally like…WHERE.  AM.  I?!  ::laughing::

One of the things that I love about engagement sessions is that they are about things that are important to my couples.  I don’t have a set of locations I always go to — that’s boring!  I want my couples to look at their pictures when they are 80 and remember that location and story and the love that is in it.

Kim and Matt took me to their favorite hiking place where they can climb under the falls, rock climb and really get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living.  It was GORGEOUS.  We got there late — the light was fading, it was kinda sorta raining…in other words — PERFECT!

I so love the images we took together.  We climbed, we slid, we challenged ourselves…Kim even climbed into a very ridiculous place in HIGH HEELS.  YOU GO GIRL!!


Kim and Matt — you did AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!  xoxoxo T

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