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Soooo I might be a little cavalier about parking rules.  And…maybe….I don’t pay as close attention to where I should park during a photo session because I get so excited about the light…that all I’m thinking about is getting to it!  So when I finished at a location with Colleen and Mark — there was a little present under my windshield wipers.  Yuck.  Sorry parking lot people.  I didn’t notice it wasn’t an “everyone can park here” lot…I promise I won’t do it again.  ::sigh::  I couldn’t resist snapping this image though!  Funny, right?!


But that’s not the important part of the story.  The most important part was the ENTHUSIASM Colleen and Mark displayed for Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe (on Alexandar St).  They insisted it was amazing and could not believe I hadn’t been there.  Colleen even went so far to post today’s special cupcake on my facebook!

So I had to go.

I brought my mother.

And guess who was sitting on the porch eating cupcakes?!  Yup.  Sugar Mountain’s BIGGEST FANS IN THE WORLD! ::laughing::  Here’s what they look like without cupcakes:


So.  Then I had to try them myself.  One of the owners approached us with a sample of their vanilla cupcake…

Oh.  Em.  Geee.

So…SIX cupcakes were purchased.  And they are so beautiful I had to drive straight home and document them for all time…



Say hello to today’s dessert:    Rootbeer Float.  Very Vanilla.  Caramel Apple.  Lemon Raspberry.  Pink Lemonade.

They are sweet.  yummy and Colleen and Mark were absolutely right.  They are DELISH.

Here is my unbiased foody review:  They.  Are.  Yummy.

(My mother likes them too.  Her opinion is worth more than mine.  She cooks.  I don’t.)

Also — I didn’t tell anyone I was writing this.  I wasn’t paid to promote Sugar Mountain.  I just liked them.

Now I have to go walk around the block 158 times.  Cuz.  That’s. a lot. of.  sugar.

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7 thoughts on “A Story. A Review. And Dessert. FTW! | Rochester NY Engagement Photographer”

  1. Also…how many of you noticed there were only FIVE cupcakes in the photo? One…had an accident. Yeah. Thats it. The dog ate it. Or…something. ::grin::

  2. Ummmmm…..yeah, I noticed there were only FIVE. I figured it didn’t survive…..kinda hard for those yummy cupcakes to survive ever. And I’m not telling you how I know that 🙂 lol.

  3. Who could blame a dog or anyone for eating the sixth? Besides, I don’t think it would fit on the chair. When I go to Rochester this weekend I might have to pick some up for my family. Of course there’s no guarantee that they can survive the trip home. 🙂

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