Swirling and Twirling in Chicago | Rochester NY Photographer

Me = Rochester

Two of my couples = Chicago

Solution?  Go to Chicago of course!

I day tripped (sort of) up to Chicago for the day to spend with two of the coolest couples I know!  Of course we were ALL hoping for that iconic shot of the Chicago skyline — and instead got such thick fog that you couldn’t actually tell Chicago existed from a distance…so…my favorite thing to do — we made it up as we went along…

First up Evelyn and Mclean – check out that cool skyline covered in fog!  I LOVE gray days — it makes colors sooooo soft and vibrant at the same time!  Take THAT bad weather!  ::laughing::

This is the EXACT bench that he proposed to her.  Tammy FAV!!  (We won’t mention that she dropped the ring…and then they almost couldn’t find it.  Nope.  It was a PERFECT proposal!)

Here’s the beach they love — and the obvious LACK of skyline…but LOOK at how beautiful they look.  I love happy.  I LIVE for happy.  And these two emote happiness.  It was like walking next to two balls of sunshine…seriously!

I think engagement sessions are incredibly important.  Plus you get cool pics of yourselves NOT in wedding clothes.  It’s a win, right?!   I love making them PERSONAL to the couple I’m photographing — places they love to go…things they like to do — and to these couples —- ironically BOTH of them are transitioning to new places in the Country — so documenting the places they love and the things they do together in Chicago was an AMAZING experience!

Next up Elyse and Josh…the sun peeked out for about 5.6 seconds — and JUST as we got ready to go to the beach?  You guessed it…in the fog rolled.  So WHATEVER.  We ROCKED IT ANYWAY.

How can you NOT photograph in Millenium Park?!  The Bean is the MOST AMAZING thing EVER.  I could have stayed all day just photographing people photographing themselves!


And…oh hi fog!  We missed you!

In the most classic way…Elyse and Josh and Evelyn and Mclean worked REALLY HARD to bring me to iconic Chicagoian (I know.  I just made that up) places to photograph…but in “typical” Tammy Swales style…I had to choose some…erm…LESS classic Chicago-like places…


I can’t NOT play.  I just can’t.   Because if it isn’t fun…then WHY are we doing it?

Yeah.  I thought so.

Rock on!  (I don’t know why I said that.  I needed a good closing…and the typical “thank you” just lacked something!)



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  1. Dude I missed you in Chicago! It’s only 2 hours away from me, I would love to see you again sometime. Next time you’re in the Windy City, give me a jingle, will ya?

  2. y’all made an amazingly fabulous decision in booking Tam for your weddings…..she will blow your mind with her ridiculous ability to capture those incredible moments that totally bring tears to your eyes over the years. Beautiful images…..bravo, my dear friend

  3. Looks like a heck of a fun time. Love how you *use* challenges (fog, etc.) instead of fighting them.

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