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First.  An overview.

Jason and Stephen are my friends.  You may have seen them in photographs I’ve done before for the Rock Paper Scissors website…you may know and love them yourself…or you may be here completely for the first time and stumbling onto this post — but I promise that watching it will bring you into the moment…into the beauty of the relationship that they share…and give you a peek into what LOVE looks like.  LOOKS like.  I know we all have seen many many images where the couple is in love, they get married, they are happy — right?  (And don’t you love them?  They fire me up!).  But Jason and Stephen are in a moment we rarely get to glimpse…pure reaction and spontaneous feeling..and love.

Second:  Behind the Scenes.

Stephen texted me and said…do you think you could photograph the proposal…without being seen?  (paraphrasing here for the sake of brevity.  Really, what is below is where you want to be)  So we brainstormed and ultimately decided that at home…outside on the porch (their favorite spot) with Jason’s beloved sister and brother in law there was the right fit.  I coached Stephen on where Jason should sit…what light had to be on (and it was still really dark — hence the darkness in the images — it wasn’t like I could use any flash!) and how I would let him know once I was in position…

Third:  The Challenge.

All the lights were supposed to be off so I could sneak in the house through the back door (yes, I dressed in black and snuck through neighbors yards.  Whatever it takes, right?  ::grin::),  but when Stephen texted me he was ready…I discovered that the KITCHEN LIGHT WAS STILL ON.  There was no way I could walk in without being seen!!  What to do?  What to do?  I did what any panicking must get the shot photographer would do…I took off my shoes, laid my camera in front of me on the floor and crawled in on my belly…like a snake.  I was SO SCARED I would be discovered!!  ::laughing::  When I got to the couch Stephen came in and turned off the light and I was in pitch darkness.  The only light was coming from the porch.

Fourth:  This is What Happened Next.  (watch all the way to the end)


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Jason and Stephen…I love you both so much.  I was so honored to be part of your moment (vicariously!) and I cried all the way through taking these photographs!  Congratulations!!

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