5 Secrets to Blissful Relationships!

Relationships are hard!  It’s not always in our nature to compromise or take criticism and we can’t just rely on our partner to do it for us.  Team Swales does relationships for a living (well sort of) and we can’t help but notice how many of our incredible couples are SO happy when it comes to their partners.  And, it’s not just because their weddings are right around the corner – even after they’ve said, ‘I do’ these couples still going strong.  If there is something we’ve learned over the years, it’s how to keep a relationship blissful and we want to share some of the secrets we’ve gathered….the ones our AMAZING couples have shared with us….with you!!

Brendon & Ruth

“Our secret to a happy and blissful relationship is a cocktail of the following: respect, patience, and humor. You know so much about your partner.  Be gentle with that knowledge and always respect them.  Have patience, you won’t always agree or get along, even though you know each really well, you’re not one person!  And nothing is more important than making each other laugh – intentionally or otherwise!”


Chris & Matt

“1. Talk until you’re blue in the face!  We all get frustrated and experience communication breakdowns but we always try to talk through it.

2. Make each other laugh. No matter what challenges we face, if we can laugh at the end of them it’s all good!

3. Spontaneous Sunday!  Wake up Sunday morning with no plans (even better, if you do have plans and don’t do them) and just get in the car or start walking.  It’s amazing the places you will end up.”


Courtney & Greg

“Our secret to a blissful relationship is respect, humor, and humility.  By listening, laughing, and letting go of the small stuff we have learned to accept one another and have become each other’s favorite person.”


Allison & Dan

“1. Sing instead of talking whenever possible.  Seriously, try to stay mad and not laugh – it is impossible!

2. Day dream together!  One of our favorite activities is to talk about the things we want to do, the places we want to visit, and the goals we want to accomplish together in the future. It brings us closer and always leaves us with something new to talk about.”


Rachael & Billy

“Never go to bed angry and always kiss each other goodnight, even if you’re having a disagreement!  Continue to love each other every day, even more then you did yesterday, and never stop dating – always make time at least once a week for date night!”


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