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So.  This week.

Here’s the cliff note version:

wedding.  fun.  pink.  amazing sunset.  (you’ll have to wait for those however.  they’re still a secret.  ::grin::)

senior Bryanna with the

crazy fam session that included sand eating (8 month old) and falling into the lake (3 year old).  Yep.  I laughed the entire time.  So freaking cute!

a pair of adorable Llapso’s and their moms and a great sunset.  but lots of mosquitos.  You’d be surprised at how many mosquitos I have to photoshop off people’s faces at this time of year.  srsly.

an engagement session that started with a soccer ball being kicked quite dramatically at the poor fiance.  And yep.  My suggestion.  Luckily Victor didn’t actually HIT her with the ball.  But I made a note to self:  bad idea.  ::grin::

Whirlwind week.  New ideas.  New components that I can hardly wait to share with you…but I must.  Self restraint is never good for me — but I am trying to improve as I get older — so you’ll have to stick with me and see when it rolls.  But I mean it — so cool.

Without further ado…I give you:  this week in pictures.  Sort of.  this week in sneak peeks for clients.

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