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 HAPPY Magazine is HERE!!


HAPPY: The Beginning…

I’ve been thinking about creating Happy Magazine for the past two years. You know that feeling when an idea lives in your head and won’t go away?! This magazine FORCED its way into reality.

Think about photography blogs…mostly we just post images and write about them, right? And, I thought, isn’t that, kind of, what a magazine is? So, in my head, it became no big deal…I mean how hard could it really be?! I want people to see my images in context. I want them to see the stories they tell – not just random blog posting!! I want to have a PURPOSE DAMMIT! ::shaking head::

I was so naïve.

Magazines, it turns out, have their own organizational rules…which clearly I did NOT understand. I remember the exact moment a friend of mine came over to the studio and (after telling me how proud he was that I was even attempting to do something like this) he proceeded to, over the course of two hours, RIP it to SHREDS.

He floored me. Because, to be perfectly honest, I thought what I had done was pretty great. I was in LOVE with my stuff! And that, usually, is a pretty dangerous place to be. I call it being caught up in your own fabulousness…those moments when you can’t see beyond what you ARE SURE is amazing.

Once I heard the critique (delivered VERY kindly by the way) I realized I was missing the MOST important thing—the fact that the WHOLE POINT of doing this was NOT ABOUT ME. I had lost my way a little bit.

I knew I wanted to tell stories but not MY stories…I wanted to tell my CLIENT’S stories. There are SO MANY INCREDIBLE STORIES behind the images I take and why they exist. My clients become my friends and they are INSPIRING!

That was a huge shift for me.

Happy Magazine started out as MY BABY but ended up becoming the adopted child of SO MANY people. You can’t possibly create something that has ANY depth without others. I was an idiot for thinking otherwise.

I learned SO much. SO MUCH. About myself, about my team, about my clients. And I’m so OVERWHELMINGLY proud of each of us. We MADE this thing and…it’s GOOD!

HAPPY: The Next Steps…

This first issue focuses on women, their perseverance and strength, how to take better photographs and beginning to wholeheartedly embrace WHO YOU ARE. I hope it inspires you to stop being afraid. To be bold. And, to see how important being in photographs really is! It’s a message I will NEVER get tired of giving.

We built Happy around telling the stories of our clients but still struggled with the idea of HOW to organize them in a comprehensive interesting way.

And so, the sub-topic arrived…

Our plan is to produce 5(ish)—LOL—magazines over the course of the next year.

We started, obviously, with Happy Girl but have some amazing things to follow…
Happy Beast (Animals…not men)
Happy Inc. (Thanks Kathy Kurz for the great title idea!)
Happy Weddings (I mean….obviously)
Happy Seniors (High School…not elderly)
Happy Endings (Boudoir…PS I love this name!)

Happy Magazine will live primarily online but we’ve found a source that will print in small quantities so you can, if you want to have a REAL LIVE COPY, order your own!!

And, we invite the people who are featured in the magazine to give us advertisements—we don’t charge for them—because we believe in networking and CONNECTION. We love all the people in our world and want to support what they are doing! So, if any of them resonate with you, pick up the phone and TELL THEM! I think we should all support each other MORE—wouldn’t that make us all MUCH happier?!

Happy Magazine…
Building a Community of Awesome!

I want to put a little HAPPY in your day and some WONDER in your life. And so, I will leave you with this…Get happy, be bold, and ENJOY!!

xoxo Tam

(Don’t forget to sign up to be on our “see the next issue FIRST” list!)

Happy Magazine by Tammy Swales Studio
Happy Magazine: Building a Community of Awesome! Created by Tammy Swales Studio to tell cool stories and give photo tips to make your life a little bit more amazing!

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