On Being Bold: Kasha Davis

When I think about BOLD personalities, I can’t help but think of Kasha Davis!  Kasha is FULL of fun and has the most vivacious personality.  I just finished up a fabulous shoot with her and I love how it pushed me – working to capture her unique and boundless energy.  Kasha is such a force that I decided to ask Elena to catch up with Ed Popil – ‘the man behind the curtain’ – to find out what drives this fierce diva!


Kasha, pictured here with Diane Chevron, is DEFINITELY not your typical drag-queen, club-scene diva. (Although, Ed says, she would tell you a good night out is NEVER a bad thing!)


From Elena….

Kasha Davis is more than just an entertainer – she is an entity unto herself!  She may have had humble beginnings back in 2004, when Ed Popil created his other-half, but today she is living large – bringing her presence to even the most mundane of tasks.  Ed, a theater major in college, never envisioned himself performing in drag.  So Kasha was a bit of a surprise, even for him, as she sprang into existence.  She is something of a house wife turned superstar – always dreaming of the stage and not too shy about having a full cup of bubbly in her hand!  She is half built from the loveable quirks of the women in Ed’s life (drawing upon the likes of his mother, grandmother, and aunts) and half old-school diva – following in the footsteps of the greats (think Tina Turner, Judy Garland, and Liza Minnelli.)  

Ed, at heart, preforms with intention.  He wants to bring people together – opening them up to new experiences and lifestyles – and – to have a DAMN good time doing it!  The most striking thing Ed (whose eyesight is poor enough to require glasses) said to me during our conversation was, ‘I wear glasses but as Kasha Davis I can see.”  And that is what is so special about Kasha – she allows people to SEE.  At the most basic level Kasha may just be a man in a dress but for Ed, Kasha exists as a woman in her own right.  She is truly a lovely lady living a glamorous life! 

Kasha Davis Promo

It takes over two hours to make the magic happen – in Ed’s words, it also takes an army.


The lines definitely begin to grow blurry when you look closely at where Ed ends and Kasha begins – and for Ed, that is part of the point!  Ed is just a guy – in love with his husband Steve, passionate about his performances, and – honestly – exactly like the rest of us.  Kasha, in all her glory, is no different.  His transformation into Kasha is extremely important.  Ed believes the message lives in that transition (he would liken himself to Clark Kent darting into a telephone booth and Kasha Davis strutting back out!)  Everyone seems to relate to this fabulous, over-the-top, hilarious lady and – since Ed’s presence is never really forgotten – Kasha begins to open their eyes to the fact that there is no normal.  You relate to Kasha and so by default begin to relate to Ed.  After all, you’re just as likely to see Kasha going for a jog around the block as you are to see Ed and Steve holding hands on an evening stroll.

For Ed, playing Kasha Davis is always rewarding!  She gives others the ability to understand differences and accept irreverence.  At the end of the day, life is life.  It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, purple, or green – we’re all just fumbling through together.  And, according to Ed, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun (he has A LOT while playing Kasha!)  Life is about enjoying the world around you – having good times and being playful.  Because even though life is short, as Kasha would say, ‘There’s always time for a cocktail!’


See Kasha Davis and Diane Chevron (pictured) co-host the Give to Live Benefit on August 7th, 2013! For more information go to http://www.acrochester.org/modules/events/?event_id=65. 


Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of Ed and Kasha.  If love this video, head over to YouTube and follow Kasha’s channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/slevins.  And, for even more Ed and Kasha, check out the play, Me & Jezebel, at the Blackfriars Theatre featuring Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune (for more information about performances and ticketing go to http://www.theatrerocs.org/companies/blackfriars-theatre/#7) and make sure to swing by the Fringe Fest to see Kasha preform (head to http://www.theatrerocs.org/companies/fringe/ for more information.)

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