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There is a problem.

When I neglect the blog — there is a log-jam of sessions that I want to show you…talk about…tell you how amazing and fun they were….and I realize that I would have to post like…a bajillion entries to catch up.  And then I get overwhelmed.  And then I don’t post.  It’s such a VICIOUS cycle!  ::laughing::

So — here’s today’s brainstorm:  the “here’s what Tammy is currently working on” Sneak Peek.

Some of these sessions haven’t been blogged or facebooked (oh.  facebook.  there’s A LOT more work on my facebook profile!).  Some of them have.  Some of them are weddings where I got to shoot cool places with other cool photographers like Gwyneth Colleen in the Cayman Islands and James Bass in the Thousand Islands ::waving::.  I love them both and had sooooo much fun – I mean, seriously?  Is it possible to have a cooler job?  (Although I do not mean to suggest that Gwyneth is in the Cayman Islands — she’s a wedding photographer in New Hampshire and James is a wedding photographer in Syracuse!)

But mostly — it’s just me working.  If you can call what I do work.  I love my clients so….freaking….much!  ::waving::

Rochester NY Wedding Photographer Tammy Swales

Wedding Photographer Tammy Swales Rochester NY


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