Visual BLISS: Desktop Screensavers!

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Looking for a little bliss?!  Here’s some straight from the mountains of Maui!!

So, I was in Maui a couple of years ago for a wedding and, looking back, I realized I captured some stunning views (and not of the bride and groom!)  Because it’s August….and who ISN’T feeling the need for a little extra bliss in their day….I wanted to share some of my favorite Maui photographs.  I thought they would be the perfect way to add some beauty to your computer (I’ve been using them as my background screen all week LOL!)  Here is a sneak peak of my top six but for the entire fifteen follow this link ( and download them (full-size!) for your desktop background…or any place that needs an extra dose of fabulous. ::GRIN::

xoxo Tammy







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