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So…yes. Things are CRAZY around here at Tammy Swales Photography. We are right in the thick of the craziest part of summer and (with the help of an unmentionable amount of caffeine) we are LOVING it!!! Myself and the team have been hard at work, but we realized in a rare moment of breathing recently, that we have been surrounded by some fantastic people. Seriously, I have the most fantastic clients!!! I feel so blessed.  And a special shout out to Kristi Hedberg who was a FABULOUS second shooter at both Julianne and Jessica’s weddings!

So…back to work, but first, here’s a snippet of some of that fantastic-ness for you, and a taste of what we’ve been up to lately. August, here we come!!!!  And frankly, how can it be August already?!


Aww, heck…why not two snippets?!?!


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  1. Tammy, Ever since my 22 yr old daughter turned me on to your work, I have been amazed, your creativity, your concept, beyond. I am a inspiring photographer, who, enjoys and lives to express my creativity in one form or another, and now, it is through the camera, I appreciate all that you do and would be indebted to you to learn anything & everything I possibly could from you.

    Thanks for your attention, Lauren Palumbo

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