And I Took A Step and Flew: Taking A Big Risk! | Rochester NY Photographer

So many things in my life (good and bad) start with the words:

“So I had an idea. “

I’ve been thinking for SOME TIME about doing a video series.  But it’s scary.  It’s HARD to sit in front of a camera and be authentic.  It’s terrifying to step out behind writing and still photo and be ALIVE.  ::laughing::

I’m working on being ALIVE.  I need to make that a quote.

So.  Here’s to talking about photography and getting your picture taken.

Here’s to being scared and doing it anyway.

So…my inaugural video is about….


Tammy Swales | On Being Scared from Tammy Swales Studio on Vimeo.

::laughing::  I’m so DAMN ORIGINAL.

Watch it.  Tell me what you think.  Remember, I’m scared to have you watch this.  I was scared making it.  I was scared posting it online.

I’m scared now!

So here’s to BIG RISK TAKING!

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12 thoughts on “And I Took A Step and Flew: Taking A Big Risk! | Rochester NY Photographer”

  1. Awwww, I think many of us photographers are behind the camera for a reason – we are SCARED! Bravo to you and I love the video. Your dancing is awesomesauce!

  2. You are AMAZING! Way to be brave and kick ass! This is so inspirational! You are so special and I miss you, Tammy Swales! <3

  3. Love it Tammy….. I am another photographer who has a huge fear of being in front of the camera. You just inspired me…. Thank you for sharing and for being so real. You ARE beautiful! xoxoxoxo Noa

  4. Tammy Swales … you should never be scared to take a picture … or to have yours taken. You are an amazing photographer and an entirely beautiful person … mean it!

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