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I’ve had this blog entry percolating in my head for a while…it’s something that comes up at EVERY meeting I have with my couples and I hear the worry when they bring it up – what if it rains, Tam, what if the weather is bad?

Since one of my focus points this year is to not stress over (or stress LESS)  things that I have absolutely no control over (wish me luck ::grin::). I am offering this list of 5 reasons you may not have considered about weather and why it’s very unpredictable nature (if you’ll pardon the pun) makes your day uniquely yours…it’s something you should prepare for – but not stress over.


5.  You have no control over it.


Tammy Swales Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Do you see that one coming?  ANYTHING can happen with weather.  The more calm you are about it – the easier it will be to adjust quickly to any change that comes up.  Here’s the trick – let it go.  Laugh about it.   Don’t let it be the thing that makes you upset – let it be the thing that makes it fun.


4.  No squinty, vampire eyes if it’s bright sun.

Now.  I know Twilight  and how trendy all things vampire are right now – but in wedding photography, at least, the dark shadows that happen around your eyeballs when the sun is bowling ball bright are not the best in images.  In order to combat that – photographers will become shade hounds or have to point a flash directly AT YOU to light your face up in a way that makes you look evenly lit.  Trust me – bright sunny days are pretty for sure – but they offer their own challenges – especially if you are getting married in summer and you add hot into the mix.  One weekend this year I saw men sweat THROUGH their jackets.  Man it was hot.   😉

Um.  I don’t have any examples of squinty vampire eyes.  But you know what I mean right?


3.  Cloudy = AMAZING images.

Soft cloudy, grey clouds, dark clouds – all are STUNNING in images AND you totally avoid “the squint” or the need for sunglasses.  Your eyes won’t water.  And you get the loveliest romantic images.  The colors pop against a grey sky.  Grass, buildings, colors – everything is more vibrant and lively.  Mmmmmmm grey days are my favorite.


Tammy Swales Photographer Hawaii Weddings

Tammy Swales Rochester NY Wedding Photographer Woodcliff Hotel

2.  Rain = Playful

What other opportunity do we have for rubber boots, or umbrellas or reflections on EVERYTHING?  Rainy days are creative.  There are SO many ways to make images in the rain – and if you’ll remember the way bad weather makes everyone more relaxed – rainy day images are INCREDIBLE.  And sexy.  And bad ass.  Take THAT rainy day.

Tammy Swales Rochester NY Engagement Photographer Rainy Day

Tammy Swales Binghamton NY Wedding Photography

Tammy Swales Binghamton NY Wedding Photography Rainy Weather



1.  Bad weather makes a better party.


Tammy Swales Binghamton NY Wedding Photographer


The above image is from a wedding in Binghamton NY two week AFTER the entire city was flooded.  Like twelve feet of water flooded.  Mud.  Rain.  Clouds.  And the funnest party EVER.  Now.  This is ONLY a Tammy Swales observation/opinion so take it for what it is –– But I believe that everyone is anxious about the weather being perfect on their wedding day  – so when it changes and rains or is windy and IMPERFECT –  something is released – anxiety maybe?  Everyone relaxes — it’s like — “Hey.  It happened.  But now we can stop thinking about it and have FUN!”

Okay.  So that’s five.  But I can hear you thinking – okay Tam.  We get it – but what if the weather is REALLY severe?  Lightening or Tornado or Hurricane?   Here’s the answer:  You adjust.  You adapt.  Everyone becomes a team and team thinking is the most amazing thing ever.

I went to Hilton Head SC this year for what I was expecting to be an INCREDIBLE beach wedding.  (You already see what’s coming, right?)   Yup.  Tropical Storm.  Winds at 40 mph.  Crazy Ocean that was muddy colored from the sand being churned up.

Yeah.  Not what we were hoping for.

So team thinking came into play.  Ceremony moved to the pavilion.  Tables were adjusted.  Wedding party photos happened in a PARKING GARAGE.  Don’t judge.  ::grin::  The light was amazing and most importantly:  NO WIND.


Tammy Swales South Carolina Photographer Hilton Oceanfront Resort



The day after session was equally as crazy.  But then we could play in the water and wind and waves and pool and really make the weather a part of the images.  And truly – it was the most amazing day ever.  We laughed and ran and played and no one cared about the weather.

Tammy Swales South Carolina Photographer Hilton Oceanfront Resort

Tammy Swales South Carolina Photographer Hilton Oceanfront Resort

Neither should you.  It’s your day – and the weather is only a tiny part of your story.  But if it’s a BIG part of your story – then imagine the amazing stories you’ll have to tell forever after.  About how you adapted.  About how you laughed.  And about how it was the best damn party you’d ever been too.

And if you REALLY want to get your mind blown – check out this blog entry by the amazing  Bobbi and Mike out of Indianapolis.  They had an ACTUAL TORNADO go over the wedding they were photographing and I cried my eyes out reading about it.  But the story is amazing and incredible.  And, the day and images were amazing.

So stop worrying!  Play!   Dream!  Laugh!  But don’t let weather worries trap you into thinking that it will ruin your day.  It probably will do the exact opposite and make it personally YOURS and be AMAZING.

No stress!

Stay tuned for the COOLEST 2011 Recap EVER.

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