Real Wedding: Day After Sessions With Tammy Swales

I’ve shot some amazing day after sessions and I have to say, they can be SO much fun.  Don’t let the name fool you, it doesn’t have to be the actual day after your wedding.  Really, it can be a week, a month, even a year later.  The point is that it lets you get dressed up in your wedding best and have some incredible portraits taken.

So, why do a day after session?  Honestly, the reasons can be endless – just for fun definitely springs to mind! – but let me tell you the three reason I think day after sessions can be a great decision.

1.      You don’t want to worry about getting your dress dirty before you walk down the aisle but you do want some stunning poses.  No one wants to get married or attend their reception in a dirty dress but we all know how incredible portraits taken on the beach or in the woods or sprawling in a field can look.  Day after sessions give you the opportunity to take all of the crazy portraits you want without worrying about your clothes.  Don’t get me wrong – we’re not talking about a trash the dress session here – but a little dirt is bound to happen and this way there is absolutely no reason to stress about it.

2.      You have a super busy wedding day and don’t have much time for portraits AND/OR you want to be able to spend all of your cocktail hour and reception with family and friends.  Your wedding day will be the most wonderful and the most hectic day of your life.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get all the portraits you want, especially if you don’t want to sacrifice your time at the party to get them.  A day after session means you can make sure you get the gorgeous portraits you want.  And the best part?  There is no time crunch!  You get to be relaxed, go to multiple locations, chose any time of day and just enjoy your time together as husband and wife without the pressure to rush back to your guests.

3.      Who doesn’t want an excuse to put on their wedding dress again and PLAY?!  Let’s be honest, we all dream of running through a field in our wedding gown or playing in the trees or sinking our feet into the sand while the waves rush up on the beach.  So, stop dreaming and do it!  Romp and play and have fun.  Not only will the images be amazing but you’ll have a blast and that little girl who’s still inside you and just wants to flop down in the flowers in her big ball gown will get to be very, very happy.

Here are four of my couples who decided to do a day after session.  I LOVE how beautiful and intimate and playful these images are.  Plus, we had so much fun shooting them and that, for me, is really what matters!

Jocelyn & Joe





Katie & Aaron



Jess & Dave





Jillian & Kevin



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