Real Wedding: Simple Elegant and Pretty

From Tammy: I ADORED Tisah & JD’s elegant outdoor wedding.  Married on September 3rd, 2012 at Mendon Ponds Park, they could not have chosen a more gorgeous setting to say, ‘I do!’  Everything was simple and SO elegant.  Tisah chose clean, soft colors with pops of vibrant coral and orange.  (Plus I’m in love with JD’s bright green suspenders!) It was definitely sharing their love with family and friends that was most important to the couple.  Their reception at The Rabbit Room finished off the night right with some amazing food, plenty of wine, and of course a GREAT celebration.  Not to mention, with a photo-booth and snow-cones, the evening couldn’t have been any better!!


From Tisah….

I tried to do as much for my wedding as I could.  I think the new movement towards DIY brides is great!  I used mason jars for the vases of our centerpieces.  They were all shapes and sizes and came together to create a very unique feel.  I also made our programs and decoupaged an old metal mailbox for guests to leave their envelopes in.  My mother-in-law also really helped out!  She made some amazing soaps for our favors.  One was a lavender soap and one was ‘man-soap’.  We put one of each in little boxes with raffia and a sprig of lavender for our guests.  I absolutely loved how they turned out!  I wish I’d had more time to really do a lot of DIY things – the parts of our wedding I created myself became some of the most special and meaningful ones.  I love that I can look back and say, ‘I did that!’

I worked closely with our florist as well.  I loved my flowers!  Having amazing texture in the bouquets was very important to me.  I didn’t really have a set color scheme but I was drawn to coral, orange, and pink tones.  The way the arrangements turned out was incredible.  They were very elegant with a slightly rustic feel which is what I was also looking for in the wedding as a whole.

My sister was my maid-of-honor – I didn’t have any bridesmaids – but my friends are extremely important to me and I wanted to acknowledge that!  I gave them each a little corsage to wear when they came over to help me get ready ready.  Our ceremony was at Mendon Ponds Park and JD actually chose the venue – he even picked the specific field for our ceremony.  The spot where we were married is a natural amphitheater which was great because everyone could see and hear us really well!








Our entire ceremony was amazing!  JD’s brother made ‘wedding in progress’ signs to post out in the field and we were married under a simple Chuppah made from the prayer shawl that belonged to my father and grandfather so that was incredibly special.  My mother walked me down the aisle (which was really long!) and a close friend of ours played guitar during our ceremony.  JD’s niece and nephew were our flower-girl and ring-bearer – I made his niece a little tutu to wear and his nephew had a little pair of suspenders.  They were absolutely adorable! 

We did what is called the Quaker Circle of Friendship – you take a moment and anyone who would like to speak may.  It made our day that much better having so many of our friends and family taking part.  And then, we were married – it was wild!  We did our bridal portraits after the wedding and they are gorgeous.  I love the images of JD and I in the woods – it looks like we’re in a fairytale (which is really what a wedding should be!) 

We had our reception at The Rabbit Room and when we arrived it was so exciting to see everyone gathered waiting for us!  The venue was amazing.  We didn’t do a sit down dinner – we had passed hors d’oeuvres and then different types of food stations.  The food was very important to us and it was incredibly delicious!  We even had a grilled cheese station (another amazing choice on my husband’s part!) and I think I was most excited for that.  We also rented a snow-cone truck (it was a really hot day!) for the back patio.  JD is very into music so we just played our favorites off an iPod which made the evening even more special and all of our guests had such a good time together.  The best thing about our reception was that we had time to just walk around and really talk with everyone!








I honestly wouldn’t change anything about my day.  It was truly perfect! I can’t tell you how amazing it felt being in one place with all my favorite people.  I read a great book before I began planning – The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Nissinen – and that was a huge help.  I also received plenty of wonderful advice from friends and family.  I remember someone telling me that the most important thing about your wedding day is to try and spend the whole time with your partner.  I think that was some of the best advice I was given.  I really made sure to be present – just take the whole day in with JD and really feel everything.  It was the best decision I made!

My advice for anyone heading towards their wedding day is to just remember why you’re getting married.  You are madly in love with this person and want to spend the rest of your lives together.  If, at the end of the day, the flowers don’t match the dress, or the shoes, or the bows – or whatever – it doesn’t matter!  Nobody notices.  Don’t get wrapped up in these crazy, tiny little details and miss the point. 

One of the best things I did was keep my focus on what really mattered the most to us and that’s where we spent our money.  Weddings can be so expensive and it’s important to know that you don’t have to spend a million dollars!  Figure out the things you really want – not what you think you should do or what’s supposed to be done – and then splurge on those things.  It only matters what you and your partner want – how you two want to feel – don’t get lost in spending too much money or worrying about whether or not you are being trendy enough!


Of course I have to thank the incredible vendors that helped bring Tisah & JD’s day together, as well as the fabulous Diana Eastman who second shot this BEAUTIFUL wedding!

Ceremony: Mendon Ponds Park  Reception: The Rabbit Room  Photography: Tammy Swales Photography  Catering: The Rabbit Room  Dress: Adele Wechsler – Toronto  Flowers: Fioravanti Florist  Hair & Makeup: Rock Paper Scissors Salon & Spa  Invitations: Beacon Lane – Chicago

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