Say Yes to YOUR Dress! (Ideas Resources and Thoughts, Oh My!)

There is SO MUCH anticipation when it comes to choosing your wedding dress.  You want to feel AMAZING in it, you want him to cry when he sees you (and he will!), you want everyone to stop and have a major OMG moment when they see you – your dress has to be PERFECT.

And we SO get it!

Team Swales Fact: between the current and former members of Team Swales, four are engaged and planning their weddings.  So, that pretty much makes us wedding dress purchasing experts.

Here’s the reality…there are an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to choosing your dress and we are telling you – you NEED a plan before you go shopping.  And, when it comes to making that plan?  We think there are three absolutely invaluable things that you should definitely think about when you begin the process of finding your dress.Before you start shopping.

1. Banana, Apple, Pear…why they hell are we suddenly fruit?!

No, every dress will not look good on you…or on anyone.  But, there are plenty of ones that will – there are certain styles for every figure – so make sure you take the time to learn which ones are right for you.  Seriously, who wants to waste their time trying on dresses that just won’t work?!


2. Know Your Dresses

Look at magazines, websites, and catalogs – find out what you like and pull a look book together.  We know you want to find the perfect dress and you can only do that if you know exactly what you’re looking for!


3. Find Your Dream Team

We have all seen just how wrong an entourage can go (Say Yes to the Dress anyone?!) so it’s INCREDIBLY important to bring the right people with you when it’s time to go shopping for the dress.  This is the day when it actually is all about you – choose your backup accordingly.

Have you finished your homework?  Really?  OK.

Now, it’s time to go SHOPPI….wait!

There are a couple more things we HAVE to share with you that you might not have thought about.  We never even thought of them until our creative, clever and exceedingly RESOURCEFUL brides came up with these ideas!


Designer Gowns: Go Big or Stay Home!


Alex’s gown, by Reem Acra, is a fairytale made reality.  The gorgeous, detailed bodice, accented with subtle sparkles, is the perfect complement to the smooth, clean skirt full of volume.  Alex’s dress is timeless and chic – absolutely ideal for her Marie Antoinette inspired, downright stunning wedding day.




Bridget traveled all the way to New York City to find her dream dress by Vera Wang.  The mermaid silhouette fits Bridget’s figure to a tee and I love how the ruching moves down from the bodice into the voluminous skirt creating a softness that still maintains a timeless, elegant glamour.



There are SO many different wedding dress designers – all with very distinct visions – and it can be incredibly overwhelming to try and find the right one for you.  So look over these lists, browse the collections, and find your perfect match.

And, if you’ve found THE dress but have no idea who designed it?  Click below and learn how to figure it out – even if all you have is an image.


Heirlooms Revisited!


Rachael’s dress was worn by three generations of women (herself, her mother, and her grandmother – 65 years ago!).  She worked with Meki Couture to bring the dress into the modern day without losing any of its vintage charm or history.

With a beautiful lace bodice opening into a drop-waist, a-line skirt and a stunningly dramatic open back, Rachael’s dress was, and still is, an amazing, gorgeous family heirloom that will forever tell the stories of the three incredible women who have worn it.

And, our favorite part is that guests actually thought Grandma wore that low back 65 years ago.  OMG!  ::laughing::




Jackie’s dress, by Daughters of Simone, is a perfect example of the timeless beauty and elegance a re-envisioned vintage wedding dress can possess.

With a flowing, graceful train and a sophisticated lace bodice, this wedding dress is truly one-of-a-kind and full of rich history.  We are BIG fans of Daughters of Simone and the work they do with repurposing vintage wedding dresses!




Kate decided to have her unique wedding dress custom made by Meki Couture right here in Rochester, NY.  She worked with them to bring her vision to life and create a dress that reflected her perfectly.  The soft pink coloring and distinctive lace detailing makes this a stand-alone gown full of beauty and character.



Re-purposed, vintage, custom made…sounds good right?!  Here are some excellent places to learn more.


Reuse.  Recycle.  Renew!


Jillian found this wedding dress secondhand and gently used and there is no way you would ever know that it didn’t step straight off the runway or was made just for her.  I can’t get enough of the beyond gorgeous open back and all of the stunning lace – Jillian’s dress may have been worn before but nothing else could have suited her so perfectly.



There is absolutely NO RULE that says you need to purchase a newly made wedding dress…seriously, even the most critical eye won’t be able to tell that it’s only new to you.  Plus, a secondhand dress can be a smart way to save some extra money or find an otherwise outrageously priced gown for a realistic amount.

So, get going already!  Your dress is out there, waiting for you – it’s time to say yes to YOUR dress!    And if you like this blog post?  — SHARE IT!    xoxo

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