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I meet with really cool people.

My favorite thing is hearing their story.  What makes them amazing.  What they are passionate about.  All the fun stuff!  😉

So, part of a conversation yesterday resonated with me — enough so that I felt compelled to blog about it — because, as always — to ME — SEEING what I’m trying to talk about is as important as the words…

Todays Composition Title:

First Looks.


First Looks are misunderstood.

First Looks break tradition.

First Looks are scary (and exciting, and intimate…and…wait.  I’ll get there.  ::grin::).

A lot of brides come to me and when the subject comes up — they say — “oh no.  I want my fiance’s first view of me to be when I am coming down the aisle”.

Yup.  I TOTALLY get that.  And respect that.  and LOVE it if that’s what you want and choose to do…

But…if you are at all open to this — I want you to think about the advantages of a first look:

It’s yours.

You are not sharing it.  It is your day with your man (or woman).  It’s a moment that you DON’T share, except with each other.  You don’t have to think about your dad, or your mom, or all those people who love you who try to catch your eye as you walk down the aisle.

First Look Rochester NY Wedding Photograper Tammy Swales

Nope.  It’s just you two.  Alone.

And it is breath-taking.  And quiet.  And soft.  And romantic.

First Look Rochester NY Wedding Photograper Tammy Swales


You have TIME.  For photographs…for time to breathe and laugh and play a little bit.

And here’s the biggest secret that no one really understands until you go through it —

When you come down the aisle and the music plays and everyone is crying…

You Forget the First Look Ever Happened.


It’s Magical.

Then the OTHER magical part?  ALL YOUR PICTURES ARE ALREADY DONE.  You don’t have to make family and friends wait for you to go off somewhere — you’ve ALREADY DONE IT.

It’s efficient.  Which, really, is not a romantic word…but I can tell you that it makes your day smoother, less stressful, and fun.  And it gives your photographer time to do what you are PAYING THEM TO DO — which is take beautiful photographs of important people who love you and who you love.

Bridal Party Portraits Rochester NY Wedding Photographer Tammy Swales

I am a big supporter of First Looks.

But it’s, ultimately up to you.  I just wanted to give you something else to think about (and look at.)

So … Elyse and Josh had their First Look at…wait for it…the EXACT place they had their first kiss.


And then?  We had time to play and take cool pics.

Maybe just…think about it?

xoxo T






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  1. And that is why we choose to do a first look 🙂 At first we we’re like, “No way!” But when I watched Will & Kate’s wedding all I kept thinking was how they were having this REALLY BIG IMPORTANT moment with the whole world watching them! I knew I didn’t want that, even with a small part of the world. I just wanted it to be a moment for US 😀

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