Wedding Details Guests Will Want To Instagram Immediately

How many hours do you think you’ve spent thinking about what the details of your wedding are going to be?

 You surf the web, imagining and sighing over weddings that just make your heart go — I WANT THAT RIGHT NOW!  Your notebook is filled with pictures from magazines and scribbles and swatches and drawings. You know the difference between mauve and taupe.

I bet it’s a lot.  

So all that work, all that imagining, all that ANXIETY of wondering if your guests love what you’ve imagined — how do you KNOW they loved it?   The most immediate and obvious place to look is Instagram – amiright? You can see what they take photos of…what they said about it…what they were DELIGHTED by!

The details of your wedding tell the story of the two of you.  It invites your guests in to who the two of you are — and what you think is amazing and important — and in a way that evokes all kinds of stunning emotions and ooohsssssssahhhhs.  ::laughing::

I feel you.   Want to know a secret?  I just went through it too.  And I am NOT typically a person who angsts over what plate to put on a table if you get my meaning.  But that day? That day I wanted my guests to FALL IN LOVE with my husband and I — to GET us — to really feel who we are.  And the details helped us do that. I’ll write about that experience some day — but right now — we have these incredibly inspiring images (by me obvi) — on a day when a bunch of planners, florists, stylists – got together and created seven amazing tables to inspire the Rochester NY community at the new Kin Event Space Grand Opening.  

What I saw was NEXT LEVEL design.  I heard over and over that it was amazing to just be able to design WHATEVER they wanted — and it got me thinking about when you are working for clients — you rarely stop just to make something for yourself and your aesthetic.

So you get the pleasure of seeing details that these teams put together JUST FOR THEIR OWN CREATIVE JOY.  And I think, what you get from that is super trendy, out of the box innovative ideas that you can use to bring guest joy at your wedding.  

I’m STILL thinking about these tables.  Instagrammable times 400 million.

Amazing Vendors Who Continuously Inspire ALL of us! 

Kin Event Space 

McCarthy Events   -who provided all the tables and various rental items

Celebrated Events

Simply Beautiful Events/Warehouse 127

I Do Wedding Flowers

Verve Event and Co.

Pistil & Pollen

Petunia Rose

The Botanist

Louelle Design Studio



Roc City Laser


In Bloom Florals

Stacy K Floral

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