The Last Wedding | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Wait.  What?

You didn’t think this is REALLY my last wedding did you?!  No.  I didn’t think so.  It was, however, my last wedding of 2009.  The. Last.  One.

Now.  The rest of November and December I get to whip all these weddings into shape for the brides and grooms who are waiting for some rocking images.  You know I love you guys!  I have more to say about that (don’t I always?) but first…doods…how COOL are these?  The Inn on Broadway is the most BEAUTIFUL room ever for receptions.  I love it there!

Yummy yummy yummy.

eat cakew

love dancew

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3 thoughts on “The Last Wedding | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer”

  1. Tammy, thanks so much for the great job taking pictures for my daughters wedding. It was a fabulous job on your part!

  2. Tammy,
    You made such a great impression on me—your style is both very professional and also humorous which somehow doesn’t sound like the best combo for wedding pics. You definitely have transformed photography into an art!
    Pam Kostecke

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