Welded and Melded. A Sneak Peek. | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

So.  I’m not sure where to begin with this post.

How about this:  I love Jen and Antony.

I do.

I loved them from the moment of meeting and was super excited to be asked to be their wedding photographer!  So, as with all my couples — we planned a fun engagement shoot.  I had good ideas…good location…and this fun couple — and to be perfectly honest — we got some great images that I love!  But…also…Antony was sick…he troupered it out — but still…and it was cold…and rainy…and just…bleah.

So.  I suggested we meet up again when the weather was nicer.  Turns out…Antony is this uber talented welder — and as we talked about it…a series of images developed in my head — and then all I had to do was convince them of how cool it could be.  (note:  I never really know if ideas are going to work — when they are things I haven’t done before there is some element of surprise — but that is what I LIKE about it!)

Last night was the session and I just really really enjoyed myself.  You cannot imagine how HOT I looked in a welding helmet.  Hot I tell you.  Yes.  I’m sure I did look hot.  That’s why everyone was laughing hilariously when I had it on.  But darn it…I FORGOT to take a picture of myself!  ::shaking head sadly::

But.  The pics are amazing.  I love them.  I love everything about them.  And I absolutely LOVE when an idea comes together and WORKS.  Jen and Antony — thank you so much for playing along.  Cannot wait to share the rest of them with you guys – -dont forget to email Jess and get on the calendar!!

Can you imagine how fun and cool their September wedding pics will be?!!  Can’t wait!




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  1. Tammy:

    I came across your name by someone who came into my showroom (ArtWalk Tile) and was raving about your work. Then I was on Stacy K’s website and found you again. My nephew Phill was in their wedding….and Anthony is one of his best friends. So….I think it was inevitable that I contact you regarding your photography. You are so very talented…you truly have a “great eye” (God – is that over-rated!)..
    Anyway…we are looking for someone to take photographs of clients homes that we have done (supplied tile/wood/glass..) I don’t know if you do that sort of work – but I thought I’d take a shot. If you don’t, could you maybe refer me to someone who does? Email me or call me at your earliest convenience 704-5554, I’d love to do business with you if possible.

    Thanks Tammy

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